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High performance backend solutions. Rich client apps for iOS, Android and Web

AI & Machine learning

Computer Vision. Natural Language Processing. Automatic decision systems making our customers business processes highly scalable.

Big data & Analytics

Design and development of rich interactive dashboards to give our customers new insights from the large amounts of data that they are generating. Customization of HPC software to allow our customers to process petabytes of data

From our blog

Making your Django site GDPR-compliant

on May 1, 2018

As Gary Hibberd said in hist great post, GDPR is not just about encryption. However as encryption mitigates the risk of infringement of this GDPR it seems like a good quick-win to take on account. On this post we will provide some advices to implement encryption in your Django based site. 1. Recommended framework During our research on how to encrypt information on a database we found different frameworks available such as:

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Building a recomendation engine with Keras

on April 28, 2018

In this post we will present a simple module that using embeddings and a single technique known as collaborative filtering will allow us to build a recommendation engine. This engine will be very helpful for offering e-commerce customers good products to buy

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3 tips to implement a successful AI strategy in your company

on April 23, 2018

In this post I will do a brief overview of the most useful strategic lessons learned from various of the talks given by Andrew Ng. He mentions on various of his talks that he believes that AI is the new electricity and that in the next decade every industry will be transformed by this technology. At Coneptum we believe that in this scenario the first players to adopt AI oriented business strategies will have a significant advantage over the non AI oriented ones so with this post we start a series of articles tackling the topic of digital transformation using AI

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